EMAX ES08MD servo

  • EMAX ES08MD servo
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EMAX ES08MD digital servo.

Quick, smooth and precise. Very good, not expensive servo for our GoPro gimbal. All metal gears.

Voltage: 4.8-6V
Speed: 0.10s/0.08s/60dg
Torque: 2.0/2.4 kg/cm
Size: <> 32x11.5x24mm
Weight: 12g

Important information for Naza / Phantom users:  

1. Please download and read DJI Naza manual how to do the setup of the gimbal in Naza software.
2. First turn ON the gimbal in Naza software. (set correct min/max gains for pitch and roll, otherwise servos arms may hit the frame)
3. Plug servos into ports F1 and F2. (brown wire up)

If you plug servos before gimbal  is ON in Naza software you may damage or fry the servos!
Restarting/updating Naza controller may fry the servos - please disconect servos before that

We DO NOT accept replacements  if servo has: 

- mechanical damage,
- fried/smoked servos,
- broken servo gears,

Most Common settings for DJI NAZA: they are different on every copter, please adjust min/max and the gains.


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