21.5mm motor mount NEW VERSION

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21.5mm round boom block motor mount - for 21.5mm round tubes and bigger motors.

For bigger size motors (up to 50mm diameter) from 16mm to 25mm mount screws distance.


BEWARE - it's offer for NEW version of this mount - see photo:




You can buy exactly what you want:

- Motor plate alone - ONE main plate. Usefull if you want to convert standard set to coaxial.


- Full set without blocks - three fiberglass elements, all screws (including motor screws) but NO BLOCKS!


- Full set with 21.5mm boom blocks (including screws, three fiberglass elements).


Full set contain:  three fiberglass elements (2.0mm thick), two pairs of boom blocks, four M3x40 screws, eight M3 washers, four M3 selflocking nuts.

Weight: <> 35g full set.